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Introduction to profit Distribution A.W.I.S.E. - (Artist / Writers / Inventors / Scientist / Etc.) I.'s - (Investors) Intellectual Property for Investors



Promissory Notes are LIONELL COMMERCE equivalent of "STOCKS"!

LIONELL COMMERCE 1/3 Agreement only adheres to Promissory Notes for any and all ventures listed with LIONELL COMMERCE,

a free resource that makes legal Promissory Notes is provided by a site called LAW DEPOT

here is a

SAMPLE Promissory Note SAMPLE


2017/1/14 (7:07am)

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send Promissory Note with Drop Box to:





Have a LOOK,

Explanations are brief - to become an individual "I" is $18.00.

As novel as this may seem, this opens up the investment base.


Not only to a few - like say a Wall street or Futures Market

type investing or Investor!










4) FOR Artist, Writers, Inventors, Scientist, Etc. (A.W.I.S.E.)

5) For Investors (I's)

I.P. that is available for LIONELL COMMERCE - Investor(s):

5a) I's that cannot afford to get into the big boys and girls club, wall street type stock prices of entrenched corporations


1 - 5a) A.W.I.S.E.  & I’s, in the beginning all anyone will see is LIONELL COMMERCE (  interacting with CLEVER MIST ( 

Think of this as a competitive go to think tank for the skilled “ARTISAN” / “Craftspersons”.


Very simplistic, every venture has a goal A.W.I.S.E.  & I’s


Visual Interpretation of a working facility, all rights reserved!

*MotorcycleGas.Club 1991 - 92 Ongoing

This Site will be built throughout the year of 2005 and On!



Investors in this case motorcyclist - Grass Roots Insurance U S A

was berth from a car accident “1999”.


I had full coverage, yet my insurance company put up such a fuss

about reimbursement – I researched insurance companies over all and come to find out

we can do way better for us (ourselves) as a whole!


Keep in mind it is 2016 and that knowledge accumulated was "1999"

and now we have things in the mist like "OBAMACARE"

Affordable Care Act!


This is where the "winner(s)" (the skilled “ARTISAN” / “Craftspersons”) could walk away with a ROYALTY because of their rendition of an A.W.I.S.E. projection.

Clever Mist

Here a.k.a. L.A.M.E. 1 is exhibiting a couple of ways A.W.I.S.E. can seek support for their venture or project!

and that means a ROYALTY, if your design or version supersedes everyone else’s submissions.

Very simplistic, those and only those that upload their rendition of an A.W.I.S.E.  projection, will be the only ones that can participate in the voting phase of the best “ARTISAN” / “Craftspersons” interpretation!

A.W.I.S.E. & I's remember a film by the name of "Brail Witch Project"? The film cost a couple of thousand to make, got nice reviews at one of the film festivals and the rest is history! If you did not know or ever heard of this, look it up. I'm only here to highlight favorable thoughts for those that like to gamble.

Just because an A.W.I.S.E. PROJECTION appears to be a good investment, doesn't mean the A.W.I.S.E. venture is sound or will succeed. Micro - Medium Small A.W.I.S.E. ventures gives the I's a chance to aid a "struggling actor" in our case A.W.I.S.E. and make a couple of dollars on the side for seeing the potential in a given idea or thought.



Ambassador of Love Magic Carpet Ride Movie

*1997 Copyright



* No Patent * is this a deterrent and for who?

Let's see:

Well, wanna hear a thought – here we go!  A day or so ago, we were introduced to the Rubik cube, that is point 1 of other points.  Rubik Cube key chains, miniatures and the list goes on.  Later on in life there was a documentary so to speak about the inventor, a mathematician or something like that and two good fellas.

As I remember in the documentary, 1 said to the other “what’s everyone talking about” and 1 of them went and bought a Rubik Cube.  He put it on the table and they both looked at each other, because they both thought (It doesn’t have a Patent) – Back to the part I remember, “so we just made a couple of calls” – to the good old boys’ network of manufacturers and even though the inventor made the pyramid, snake, globe, etc.  The other stuff he made did not come close to the popularity or catch on like his first (Rubik cube)!

Just a second or so ago there were commercials galore about a sheet blanket with sleeves to stay warm!  They made more than a couple of million, now some days or years later someone see’s this and gets on national television. 

He was in college and his mother made one for him and he has the receipts to prove he had the idea first.  Now all I think of are situational unscrupulous industry’s & "Johny Come Lately's" every so often!

  • Case and point: when you file for a Patent, it becomes public property world wide if A.W.I.S.E. designed something that is for the global market.  Basically if your idea is regional, you can block people from your seeing or researching your idea.

    For instance: Some new age type people troll the INTERNET for domain name searches. When people do certain domain name searches, these type people will buy the domain name to get traffic and hopefully make sells or to project what they want, because it is a popular look-up name.  It’s kind of like the same thing with a Global Patent, until you get the Patent pending number.

Last attenuation, a couple years back there was a device that sent electrical pulses through your muscles and claimed you did not need to work out and so on!  These commercials were the rave and I’m pretty sure enhanced the pockets of a couple of infomercial type providers.

A day or so later, they are gone and nowhere to be found.  I smell a Patent pending number had been granted to the original developer.  None the less, another Rubik Cube scenario – They “Patent Office trolls” wiped the would be industry clean before it began.

Yeah a couple of commercials and that’s that – I do remember a friend saying it doesn’t work.  I have a couple of thoughts. Rush manufacturing has nothing to do with the science of said widgets of that genre.  What people that sell have come to find out, is novelty items from real scientific discoveries mixed with narcissism is a money maker.

I do remember Bruce Lee using a similar device in one of his movies for strength building, so some may say the jury is still out on this one however – I’ll just say, they did not have the right instructions on the infomercials or they knew already what was part of the claim when the Patent was filed and so on!

* No Patent * is this a deterrent?

This is where the "winner(s)" (the skilled “ARTISAN” / “Craftspersons”) could walk away with a ROYALTY because of their rendition of an A.W.I.S.E. projection.



* No Patent *

Brail Speak Easy


* No Patent *

Telephone Juke Box


* $ Ticket Item - Launches Dehydrated Supplies into deep space *

Satellite Deployment System


The goal for LIONELL COMMERCE is to protect I's and A.W.I.S.E. with no Patent,

by showing the phases of thought with public documentation

and eventually registering "said" idea with the USPTO.


Promissory Notes are LIONELL COMMERCE equivalent of "STOCKS"!

LIONELL COMMERCE 1/3 Agreement only adheres to Promissory Notes for any and all venture listed with LIONELL COMMERCE,

a free resource that makes legal Promissory Notes is provided by a site called LAW DEPOT

SAMPLE Promissory Note SAMPLE


A.W.I.S.E. with an original thought should still have access to capital, so A.W.I.S.E. can file with the USPTO,

this is what we can call gift financing - I's finance for Patent filing and the development there of.


Gift financing does not entitle the I's to part ownership of the filing or Patent!

Recently i came up with a Popcorn maker!


AirFryer Popcorn Maker™

So, i posted it on TWITTER. In this digital age of claims of who is the first to think of an apparatus and the old ways of i have more money to broadcast a commercial, i find this approach awe inspiring!

The TWITTER post was and is there as a relevancy of completion date.

Stay with me, a thought is just that!

Having and Proving a theoretical thought into practice is the only way LIONELL COMMERCE will allow A.W.I.S.E. to have access to the I's (INVESTORS).....


Are we all there? As to why LIONELL COMMERCE and i stay in a VANGUARD position.

For the Security and Solvency there of A.W.I.S.E. & I's


* Clever Mist *



Any Fraudulent activities noticed, Follow Link and please Report:






I always grew up thinking Artist, writers, inventors, scientist, etc. and Investors should have solid ground where they could do legitimate work together without one taking advantage of the other and that's what this web site is doing.  Artist, Writers, Inventors, Scientist, Etc. (A.W.I.S.E.) need to know how to protect their intellectual property and Investors (I.)'s should stop searching for life long stipend(s).  I will provide a learning syllabus for A.W.I.S.E. to learn more about the business of their thoughts and provide a fair and equitable solution to Investors (I's) for their investment. 

I could not find Investors or loans of any kind for any of my ventures - So I created this Micro Futures / Wall Street Site. This is where infant ideas can mingle with the investment sector and maybe produce some long lasting ventures.

Protect yourself first, so you can Market your intellectual property properly - A.W.I.S.E..

If you go to one of those Patent submission agencies expect to pay hundreds if not thousands before they will even get the ball rolling - Way less than their starting amount for the Patent search and so on, you can submit your own Patent and see if the Patent office will accept your Patent or not. Those companies do a Patent search which you can also do, to see if you have a legitimate claim for a Patent try using this book


Resource Provided By USPTO: Patent It Yourself by David Pressman

the USPTO IAC on 10/28/2016 regarding ticket number 1-436745696

AirFryer Popcorn Maker™



Where Do I Start:

Introduction to profit Distribution


Artist / Writers / Inventors / Scientist / Etc.

- Intellectual Depository

Intellectual Property for Investors

All Products are property of said companies and registered trademarks; patents; copyrights and trade secrets of said products are not representing each other and are not associated with each other unless stated by owners!


So any Lamettes that have seamstress skills for the Lamettes in the audience

Entry is simple, purchase any L.A.M.E. 1 GAME LIBIDO ZONE BOOK

from the Saint Valentines Study and your purchase automatically

gains you access to the L.A.M.E. 1 Lounge Wear Challenge



How L.A.M.E. 1 Jingled an Idea

Step by Step

Ice Breaker Lollipops was OUT there "PLUTO" (the planet),

now from the outer rims of the universe. a little closer to

infatuation or a crush, well here is how L.A.M.E. 1 bequeath

the Ice Breaker Lollipops Jingle. Me voice no good or does what could be with the

Jingle any JUSTICE. SO, now Lame1s we have our 1st of many challenges:

L.a.m.e. 1 Ice Breaker Lollipop Jingle Challenge

ref. Charlie Sheen, 2 and a half men,

Made his fortune as a Jingle writer!


So don't be shy peruse this site and (I)'s - Investors might find opportunities

THE NEW LIST OF AVAILABLE A.W.I.S.E. productions will be listed hear,

Until i finish getting more organized -






 Helpful links for Artist, Writers, Inventors, Scientist Etc.:

U.S. Copyright Office


Common Knowledge

(Verified: U. S. Copyright Office "November 2004")

As of July 1st it costs $45.00 to file each form, to get a Copyright registration number. Even though it takes 4 - 5 months to get a registration number, your work is considered copy written the day that the Copyright Office receives your application. So, I suggest when you send your form, whether you send it next day, two day or first class - That you pay the little extra for a return receipt (which simply states that the Copyright Office received your mail and you will know for sure that your application is being processed and you can say your work is copyrighted)

Important Forms-

Form SE - Magazines

Form TA - Movies / Music / Dramatic Work of performing (plays, Etc.)

Form TX - Literary (Non Dramatic)

Form VA - Art Work / Photographs

I have copied the U.S. Copyright Forms page without the links so you could see what's available and their (The Copyright Office definition for each form)

press Here to see a Copy of the Copyright Office "Forms Page"


(U. S. Copyright Office Verification)

Individuals who register unpublished work with the Copyright Office lasts for the life time of the individual plus 70 years.

Businesses that register work with the Copyright Office lasts for 95 years, when you get into sales, leasing, renting or giving it away for free of unpublished work it last for up to 120 years which ever is first. For more information contact the Copyright office.




United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page

Don't forget about this Resource Provided By USPTO: Patent It Yourself by David Pressman

Common Knowledge Update

(Verified: USPTO "10/28/2016")

A year or two ago the USPTO added to their roster a smaller entity or micro entity listing,

where as if you don't make, let's say over $125,000.00 - a person can utilize this process.



UTILITY $380.00 - covers what your apparatus actually does

DESIGN $180.00 - covers the look of your apparatus

Somewhere under $500.00 to get started, remember always double check what you're reading with the claims I present with the Office that I reference.

Plain and simple A.W.I.S.E. know the business of your I.P. (Intellectual Property).


Common Knowledge

(Verified: USPTO "December 08 2006")

provisional - Patent (Patent pending) vs Non - provisional Patent

provisional - Patent says, "I thought of this first" and starts the legal paper work if there are any discrepancies as to the originator of the invention. It also gives the the inventor a one year grace period to develop the invention, get financing if needed and it is less expensive than the $500.00 Non - provisional Patent processing fee. It will get the inventor who does not have the wealth to apply for provisional Patent started. The Patent pending is $100.00. always check the Patent Office for exact prices and info.


There's no more filing of Disclosure Document for $10.00 after December 2006 - The Patent office is doing away with this process. Now you must file under the provisional Patent which cost $100.00


Non - provisional Patent

Once processed and you receive the Patent number, you have Undelegated authority with the direction you would like your invention to go

Non - provisional Patent lasts for a 20 year monopoly and you have the rights to produce and profit from your idea. Case scenario as per my conversation with the U.S. Patent Office - Kodak made a camera that no one could make for twenty years, (If your idea is that consequential) over that twenty year period you can develop that idea into a better one and when the Patent is up for filing again.

Those years of RAD (Research And Development) "upgrades" might beget your own dynasty!

Current processing of a Non - Provisional is:


12 - 18 months: Design - $215.00

18 - 24 months: plant $ 330.00

18 - 24 months: Utility - $500.00

according to U.S. SEC (UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION) @ 1st glance (I will do more research)

You "AWISE" can generate 10 million from Investor(s) a year.

LIONELL COMMERCE will let no Intellectual property that is ENVIORNMENTALY UNFRIENDLY be discussed what so ever on this site or anything that LIONELL COMMERCE has to do with.

Where Do I Start: Introduction to profit Distribution


100% profit Distribution Schedule

66% goes to Investor(s) "I(s)" until initial investment is recouped .

33% of the 100% always is reinvested for the prosperity of the venture

(to build a prosperous and solid foundation for the Intellectual property)

1% is for Artist / Writers / Inventors / Scientist / Etc. "AWISE"

until "I (s)" initial investment is paid in full, afterwards: A.W.I.S.E. 33%

LIONELL COMMERCE gets 1% for the duration of



My Mission

Is to make this site a Global Depository of ideas and thoughts and make them ready for Market!

Introduction to profit Distribution 

A.W.I.S.E. - (Artist / Writers / Inventors / Scientist / Etc.) 

I.'s - (Investors) 

Intellectual Property for Investors




Artist / Writers / Inventors / Scientist / Etc.

- Intellectual Depository

Intellectual Property for Investors



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