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* No Patent * is this a deterrent and for who?


Let's see:

Well, wanna hear a thought – here we go!  A day or so ago, we were introduced to the Rubik cube, that is point 1 of other points.  Rubik Cube key chains, miniatures and the list goes on.  Later on in life there was a documentary so to speak about the inventor, a mathematician or something like that and two good fellas.

As I remember in the documentary, 1 said to the other “what’s everyone talking about” and 1 of them went and bought a Rubik Cube.  He put it on the table and they both looked at each other, because they both thought (It doesn’t have a Patent) – Back to the part I remember, “so we just made a couple of calls” – to the good old boys’ network of manufacturers and even though the inventor made the pyramid, snake, globe, etc.  The other stuff he made did not come close to the popularity or catch on like his first (Rubik cube)!



Just a second or so ago there were commercials galore about a sheet blanket with sleeves to stay warm!  They made more than a couple of million, now some days or years later someone see’s this and gets on national television. 

He was in college and his mother made one for him and he has the receipts to prove he had the idea first.  Now all I think of are situational unscrupulous industry’s & "Johny Come Lately's" every so often!

  • Case and point: when you file for a Patent, it becomes public property world wide if A.W.I.S.E. designed something that is for the global market.  Basically if your idea is regional, you can block people from seeing or researching your idea.

    For instance: Some new age type people troll the INTERNET for domain name searches. When people do certain domain name searches, these type people will buy the domain name to get traffic and hopefully make sells or to project what they want, because it is a popular look-up name.  It’s kind of like the same thing with a Global Patent, until you get the Patent pending number.



Last attenuation, a couple years back there was a device that sent electrical pulses through your muscles and claimed you did not need to work out and so on!  These commercials were the rave and I’m pretty sure enhanced the pockets of a couple of infomercial type providers.

A day or so later, they are gone and nowhere to be found.  I smell a Patent pending number had been granted to the original developer.  None the less, another Rubik Cube scenario – They “Patent Office trolls” wiped the would be industry clean before it began.

Yeah a couple of commercials and that’s that – I do remember a friend saying it doesn’t work.  I have a couple of thoughts. Rush manufacturing has nothing to do with the science of said widgets of that genre.  What people that sell have come to find out, is novelty items from real scientific discoveries mixed with narcissism is a money maker.

I do remember Bruce Lee using a similar device in one of his movies for strength building, so some may say the jury is still out on this one however – I’ll just say, they did not have the right instructions on the infomercials or they knew already what was part of the claim when the Patent was filed and so on!


* No Patent * is this a deterrent?


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