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Promissory Notes are LIONELL COMMERCE equivalent of "STOCKS"!

LIONELL COMMERCE 1/3 Agreement only adheres to Promissory Notes for any and all ventures listed with LIONELL COMMERCE,

a free resource that makes legal Promissory Notes is provided by a site called LAW DEPOT

SAMPLE Promissory Note SAMPLE


Magic Carpet Pitch PDF COPY

Ambassador of Love (NYC) Magic Carpet Ride Investment Pitch

Plain English (Talk): The asking price of the film is $100,850.00!
*50 state role call: 1 individual (Sole Proprietor or Partnership) per state – Must be residing and a legal Resident of that state and can have no affiliation with another (Sole Proprietor or Partnership) from another state!
Any bending or violation of the *50 state role call forfeits any and all future commerce (Sole Proprietor or Partnership) with LIONELL COMMERCE, furthermore with this pre-knowledge forfeiture of any and all / good or malice investment capital received by LIONELL COMMERCE will be used to enhance the LIONELL COMMERCE I/3 Agreement (2/3 initial investment clause) and is deemed as for the good of the *50 state role call!
$100,850.00 is not a single asking price for an individual investor – The scheduled investment portfolio is for 50 states.  Which means and breaks down to an individual investment of $2,017.00 per state!
The origination of the film stems from a © 1996 or 1997, I will check the United States Copyright Office for exactness of filing time!
Also, for the observers: critique’s or not - Whether this film is producible or not for viewing in movie house chain’s – This is an educational production & educational films do not need a rating from the rating board. 
Visit LIONELL COMMERCE / LIONELL.COM and get the gist of this production before turning a blind eye or better yet investing blindly for profit sake!
Expect a return on investment per LIONELL COMMERCE I/3 Agreement

  • Only other thought about an investors’ return while waiting for filming and editing on my part is to soften the blow of the 1/3 agreement when it comes time for profit sharing!
  • Basics of the 1/3 agreement is no profit sharing until the initial investment is recouped by investor(s)!
  • 1/3 (33%) always recirculates to said project (Biz Idea)
  • 2/3 (66%) goes to investor(s) until initial investment is recouped
  • 1% goes to A.W.I.S.E. (Artisans, Writer, Inventor, Scientist, Etc. (Goods & Services)) until initial investment of the I’s (Investor(s)) is recouped

Once and after the initial investment is recouped:

  • 1/3 (33%) always recirculates to said project (Biz Idea)
  • 1/3 (33%) goes to investor(s)
  • 1/3 (33%) goes to A.W.I.S.E. (Artisans, Writer, Inventor, Scientist, Etc. (Goods & Services)) of said project (Biz Idea)
  • 1% goes to LIONELL COMMERCE for duration of Promissory Note

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The first page is the simplicity of this voyage in layman vernacular.

of·fi·cer [áwfissər, óffissər]
noun (plural of·fi·cers)
elected or appointed official: somebody who is elected or appointed to an administrative position in a society, corporation, or government department

lay·man [láymən]
(plural lay·men [láymən]) noun
somebody without specialist knowledge: somebody who is not trained or expert in a particular area a law book for the layman
Microsoft® Encarta® Reference Library 2005. © 1993-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

The wholeness of this venture startup date is dated by a Copyright Started in 1997 with the United States Copyright Office & is represented by the various public world wide web sites linked to this private http://www.lionelleaf.com site as a clear & legible LEGAL POLICY for all LIONELL INC (Private for Profit Business) venture(s) & LIONELL ENRICHMENT AGAPE FOUNDATION (Private Non-Profit Organization): L.E.A.F.  venture(s) a.k.a. http://www.lionelleaf.com LEGAL POLICY

Again, the only other thought about an investors’ return while waiting for the profit from production (filming and editing) on my part is to soften the blow of the 2/3 section of the LIONELL COMMERCE I/3 Agreement when it comes time for profit sharing!
www.lame1Furniture.com or www.lame1Swing.com will be utilized in part, not as a whole to soften the LIONELL COMMERCE 2/3 section as well as other I.P. (Intellectual Property) that is at the disposal of LIONELL INC!



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Profit Distribution

100% profit Distribution Schedule

66% goes to Investor(s) "I(s)" until initial investment is recouped .

33% of the 100% always is reinvested for the prosperity of the venture

(to build a prosperous and solid foundation for the Intellectual property)

1% is for Artisans / Writers / Inventors / Scientist / Etc. "AWISE"

until "I (s)" initial investment is paid in full, afterwards: A.W.I.S.E. 33%

LIONELL COMMERCE gets 1% for the duration of




Simply states that any intellectual property on this site must adhere to this outline to protect the Artisans / Writers / Inventors / Etc. / Investors and LIONEL COMMERCE

LIONELL COMMERCE operates on a 100% system for each projection (Intellectual property)

1/3 (33%) - Goes to "AWISE" (Artisans / Writers / Inventors / Scientist / Etc.)

1/3 (33%) - Goes to "I(s)" (Investor(s))

1/3 (33%) - Goes to the business of the Intellectual property


LIONELL COMMERCE goal is eventual freedom for "AWISE", free with control of their Intellectual property.

Therefore: agreements dealing with Copyrights can last up to 13 years,

agreements dealing with patents can last up to 4/5 (16 years) of the provisional patent issue start date.



LIONELL COMMERCE P.I.P. (Proprietary Intellectual Property) Clause

Trademarks / Espionage P.I.P. Secrets - will never be exchangeable through

LIONELL COMMERCE or used as bargaining vices to secure

other I.P. rights with any other P.I.P. involved with

past or future I.P. ever involved with



LIONELL COMMERCE is more of a Green COMMERCE Exchange; Humans, Energy, Environment, Animals, Climate as well as other earth friendly ideas – Overall our goal is lessen everyone’s carbon footprint!



Artisans / Writers / Inventors / Scientist / Etc.

My Mission

Is to make this site a Global Depository of ideas and thoughts and make them ready for Market!



Electronic Snail Mail


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