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Promissory Notes are LIONELL COMMERCE equivalent of "STOCKS"!

LIONELL COMMERCE 1/3 Agreement only adheres to Promissory Notes for any and all ventures listed with LIONELL COMMERCE,

a free resource that makes legal Promissory Notes is provided by a site called LAW DEPOT

SAMPLE Promissory Note SAMPLE

If you are an individual investor, that has an interest in investing in *Proprietary Intellectual Property" (P.I.P.) - LIONELL COMMERCE might be a plausible investment strategy - See (Introduction) for prospectus of built in exit strategy.


*Proprietary Intellectual Property (P.I.P.)

An idea that has been recognized by the Copyright or Patent Office. Meaning this type of "P.I.P." automatically gives said A.W.I.S.E. access to monetary support through LIONELL COMMERCE from the I(s).

A registration number has been issued by the Copyright or Patent Office


To become an (Investor(s) / I(s) with LIONELL COMMERCE of *Proprietary Intellectual Property" (P.I.P.), There is an initial $18.00 fee to review various *Proprietary Intellectual Property" (P.I.P.)!

After paying LIONELL COMMERCE the $18.00 inclusion fee to view A.W.I.S.E. *Proprietary Intellectual Property" (P.I.P.).

Seeing is believing and after believing in a particular P.I.P., then it is up to A.W.I.S.E. to secure the interest of the I's, with a solid business plan that makes sense.

With this security process of LIONELL COMMERCE, the I's can make an inteligent and informed decision as to invest or not.

I's for more background info as to how A.W.I.S.E. is being tutored by LIONELL COMMERCE - visit the A.W.I.S.E. page:

A.W.I.S.E. - (Artisans / Writers / Inventors / Scientist / Etc.)


Side Note): I am amongst many things a creator and having A.W.I.S.E. not have an exit strategy with their idea - is not part of this 101 curriculum!

any-who, invest in A.W.I.S.E., I(s) - we (I(s)) are just a portion of where ideas flourish and prosper.

proprietary investments should start and end of course with a good exit strategy!

My Mission

Is to make this site a Global Depository of ideas and thoughts and make them ready for Market!


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