LIONELL COMMERCE is here as a Commerce de Facto (As commerce laws state or better than) adding or bettering, any and all other ideas less than will never be welcomed.....



Promissory Notes are LIONELL COMMERCE equivalent of "STOCKS"!

LIONELL COMMERCE 1/3 Agreement only adheres to Promissory Notes for any and all ventures listed with LIONELL COMMERCE,

a free resource that makes legal Promissory Notes is provided by a site called LAW DEPOT

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Thursday, November 7th, 2017



I(s) E-Mail: LIONELL


LIONELL COMMERCE will vet by various means, example: Risk & Finance Resources so I's may invest with full knowledge - there is an exit strategy for I's embedded for everyone's long term prosperity anywho, invest in A.W.I.S.E., I(s) - we (I(s)) are just a portion of where ideas flourish and prosper. proprietary investments should start and end of course with a good exit strategy! LIONELL COMMERCE is more of a Green COMMERCE Exchange; Humans, Energy, Environment, animals, Climate as well as other earth friendly ideas – Overall our goal is lessen everyone’s carbon footprint! Trademarks / Espionage P.I.P. Secrets - will never be exchangeable through LIONELL COMMERCE or used as bargaining vices to secure other I.P. rights with any other P.I.P. involved with past or future I.P. ever involved with LIONELL COMMERCE


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