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AmbassadorofLove.NYC (New York City): Ambassador of Love NYC
LAME1.US (Love And Making Expert One – Utopias Serenity): L.A.M.E. 1 is the culmination of 13 + years of rad (Research And Development).

L.A.M.E. 1 thinks people of age, 18 years + should have at least 13 erotic references in their house or private study.  So when in the market for: Erotic; Mature; Non-Pornographic; Romantic; Sensual; Sexual; Love Rules & Date Night Ideas / Just keep in mind LAME1.US or LAME1.MOBI has an array of House warming gift(s) for self and others.

L.A.M.E. 1 Utopias Serenity Higher Education /
Aura of Lovers is when two lovers’ Aura becomes one, when one Aura remains: That is the Aura of Lovers… Some Lovemaking Adults utilize sexual romance game rules, “Coupling with your lover’ brings about ONE Aura”, known as the Aura of Lovers!



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Sidebar Note: Some find it of interest that

LAME1 can pretty much create amorous amour innuendos out of any game.

Me thinks i'll put my self to the challenge

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I'd like to think, I am the original LAME 1 based in NYC since 2000. I began my trek 1993 with a Christmas electronic chess set gift. While playing the computer for the first time, it dawned on me that this would really be fun if there were rules for couples. So I developed the thought and submitted the couple version to the United States Copyright Office 1997.


The rules for this style of play took roughly 4 years to develop. Sex-N-Games; Classical Games with an Erotic Twist 1997 ©. My first copyright included intimate rules for Backgammon, Checkers, Chess and Dominoes; Plus 2 Amorous Amour ideas: LAME 1 Edible Poetry and LAME 1 Magic Carpet.

Early 2000's I hired a media agent (MA). As we spoke, she learned about earlier press releases and she let me know that when a person does a press release that makes them an expert on the subject they are speaking of in the press release. From that point on I did a lot of reading, viewing video's and watching anything about the Amorous Amour LIFESTYLES of our AURA OF LOVERS - I'm a self-taught love expert, 12 years +!

The second copyright I submitted 2005 © LAME 1. This copyright expanded the Board Games to 13, 9 Card Games, 13 Date Night Ideas, 12 Sports Television Voyeur rules and Summer and Winter Olympics television viewing rules.

2015 © Aura of Lovers: Dice romance rules and a couple of love rules to add to the other categories.



I wrote every one of the Bond thrillers here with the jalousies closed around me so that I would not be distracted by the birds and the flowers and the sunshine outside… Would these books have been born if I had not been living in the gorgeous vacuum of a Jamaican holiday? I doubt it.

- Ian Fleming

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Today: AuraOfLovers.Com:












LAME 1 2004 and Media K.I.T.: AmbassadorOfLoveMagazine




The old adage, “build and they come”

Lame 1 thought of this old adage – Some highlights from the Love Text for Lovers: My older titles like adult game sampler; board games and cards are written in more of a traditional prose.


Dicey thoughts begot newer strains of writing skill and thought – more or less as I interact with the speech of the written words, a literary essay of carnal plus play equates to thus.



Some of these new writing styles are on display in newer text as a culmination of practical sensibility – Loving intent or deeds does not have to “break a legs” or “bank accounts” to express harmonious love.  Typical everyday activities metamorphosized into excellent doctrine for part and full time lovers.


So, the old adage build and they will cummmmm,


FRESH OFF THE PRESS: Get your love groove or Jones onnnnnnnn with LAME 1 – Me thinks a treasure hunt is in order – Sometimes the buildup and expectation is just as fun as the inherent out-cummmmmmm!


Let’s go fishing

In the tackle box u’ll need as such (Equipment needed): Cheerio style Magnets and Yarn (Both can be found at “Michael’s”, Art’s and Craft Store). 


That was the treasure hunt part: Gotta day planner for the weekend or a “Nooner” or something to that effect – the days up-cummmmmmmming b4 said date is a good way to keep love thoughts in the brain which increases the "passion writing": that is already there when said day arises - Basic Journalizing Amorous Amour.


Good stuff, we already filled the tackle box with the necessary equipment.


Round Magnets with dough nut holes in them (Check)

Ball of Yarn (a spool thread, if u have any around – improv) (Check)


Now it’s time for secret note writing time

– write love thoughts on individual pieces of paper and tape to the magnets.

Oooooops: tape (Check)


Idea From a song I just heard about real – in retrospect testing me prowess for creating love thoughts for lover’s.  Real translates n2 reel, a fishing reel. 


Yet I digress – tie yarn to a magnet and go fishing for secret love thoughts.   Magnets should be a good distance from each other as not to attract, till a fish is caught with the yarn reel.


Sidebar Lover’s Thought: Place the any type of magnet (round, rectangular, etcetera) with the Secret Lover’s Thoughts in a hat, shoe box, bowl, etcetera and take turns using yawls yarn reel (C I can Improv as well : )


6/27/2015 - Sidebar: hats, shoe boxes, bowls, etcetera would have to be pretty large. So "Spin the Bottle" thought - a game LAME 1 has never played. with the Secret Lover’s Thoughts - Write Secret Love Thoughts on separate pieces of paper, place in hat, shoe box, bowl, etcetera and get 2 forks or spoons (1 for each lame 1): LAME 1 Odds and Evens will decide who gets the 1st fish Secret Lover’s Thought.


Simplistic Aura of Lovers Amorous Amour movements - Each LAME 1 is a crane arm and will utilize the forks or spoons (Metal or Plastic) for fishing and about "LAME 1 Odds and Even" it's in there - Basic Journalizing Amorous Amour.


Happy Love – In


Again: This is an exercise that minds us – If 1 has it like that, cool!  If 1 does not, cool! 


Does not stop the prevailing thoughts I make available, weather wealthy or less than (Love is Like the Weather, Like the Aura of Lovers 18+) – it takes little more than a lovers’ loving inspiration…..






Ambassador of Magic Carpet Ride

Updated 6/27/2015


Ambassador of Love aka L.A.M.E. 1 Hiring couples for Ambassador of Magic Carpet Ride! An educational as well as erotic Play Write.


Play Writes that are of the Audio Visual Arts genre does not mean a traditional adult magazine, bookstore type final product for purchase.


Based off of 2 title within the 1997 © copyright: Sex-N-Games; Classical Games with an Erotic Twist, now production ready for Play Write / Visual Arts. Participants (couples) should know, there is an $18,000.00 entrance fee.


A house will be leased for 1 month with a yard big enough to build a life size chess board. Other than that all that needs to be known is a tasteful, yet educational film will be produced.


There is a 17 couple maximum and a 1 couple extra quota. This is a total of 18 couple’s total.


Word to tha wise: This is not a swinger type production, that’s why entrance is for couples only. Any sexual / lovemaking scenes will only be done by the pair that signed up. Game play of chess is a fundamental – as the pair that wins overall will direct their gender specific side.


Of course there’s more to it than what L.A.M.E. 1 is depicting. If I divulge the plot, let alone a host of other unique thoughts which will keep this audio visual play write family friendly. There won’t be any – well I’ll stay on the family thought:


Riddle me this, when you had sex education in school – what grade were you in and did your parents have to sign a paper in order to attend the class.


Me 5th grade and that’s the view I keep for this film – If a parent feels as though their child is old enough for a love making / sex education play write, I aim to please and do not worry yourselves, no one is going to see the actual intimate acts – passionate facial expressions, etcetera, yes.


What potential participants are reading next is the fundamentals of Ambassador of Love Magic Carpet.


The scenario: Imagine a life size chess board with human pieces and every time a piece is removed a magic carpet appears, taking the couple to a destination unknown for a love making session.


AMBASSADOR OF LOVE CHESS The King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Bishop, Knight, Rook and Pawns on the game board are all Kindred Soul Mates of an intimate nature.


Their like minds are magnetized to each other. However the same force that attracts them to each other also repels them from each other.


In order to keep this universal balance harmonious, each lover is represented by an equal number of pieces. Through these pieces and their special skills –


Lovers will be able to keep a universal balance on a common ground (the game board).


Traditionally the King and Queen reside on the same side. Because this style of chess is gender specific, there should be no intermingling of different gender based pieces.


Therefore the Prince and Princess will be the Queen piece and the King and Queen will be the King piece.


So on one side there is the Queen and Princess with their merry girls and on the other are the King and Prince with their merry boys.



© 1997 LIONELL


Along with the $18,000.00 entrance fee, there are profit opportunities as well.


A couple of ifs: Couples might be into: Professional Marketing; Memorabilia (after market branding): t-shirts; hats; key chains; pendants; amongst the other things as a Love and Making Expert 1 has created over the years will be used in (my / ours) for 5 years of profit sharing: Play Write / Audio Visual Arts.


• All participants can never have been filmed or seen on any type of media broadcast



If you think this is something you and your love can (On Set / In Front of a Camera) gravitate towards for fun, business opportunity - just always wanted to be on the silver screen or Part of a School Musical / 18 + Shakespearean Theatrical.


The administrator of this shopping cart portal: L.A.M.E. 1 (Love and Making Expert) 1 requests all amorous amour voyeurs and all others be at least 18+ years of age.

18+ means ADULTS; (-17) stay in school and learn some things are meant for seasoned minds, like the adult metaphors the L.A.M.E. 1 uses to speak with Agabz and Abagz…..

Cipher / Code

ADULTS "A" = who I’m speaking with: 18 years of age and more AND = “a” BOYS = “B” GIRLS = “G “

Agabz and Abagz, the inherent agreement is you are an adult by the L.A.M.E. 1'z 18+ LAW




My Mission

Is to make this site a Global Depository of ideas and thoughts and make them ready for Market!




Ambassador of Love; Word to the wise - the L.A.M.E. 1 professes:

NO same gender relationships. People that are in homosexual relationships: a suggestion or two –


1) If you’re with HIV or something of the sort try dating the opposite sex with the same ailment – opposite sex companionship is way more satisfying


2) Today is today and don’t they have social clubs / networks for all subjects?


3) People that are in homosexual relationships should seek genders opposite of their current affiliation.


4) Meaning there is a feminine partner and a masculine partner


5) Basics: There is a dominate figure and a less (submissive)


6) Whether or not two dominants of the opposite gender get together or two submissive of the same gender get together


And last as well as not least: Cross training is always the “L.A.M.E.” way, equals the best option “girl and boy” Riddle me this: how did you get here? -Answer: GIRLS and BOYS!


The course of your actions, if not on this path - not only is unnatural, it puts the public health as a whole at risk; civilization only got this far by procreating by means of the male and female.


With that said, like others - I really don’t care about the subject either way!


It is simple mathematics: the more males that couple, leaves more available girls to choose and be chosen by. So thanks and one more thing,


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